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Natural and ecological fibers

Specialized in blends with linen for the home textile sector, we also work with many other natural materials such as wool, silk, ramie ... in 100% or mixed with polyester, viscose, polyamide, acrylic ... for different end applications.



Technique and experience

We produce worsted system yarns (long fiber) with raw material ; thicknesses between Nm 6 - Nm 60.

Combed or rustic types, regular, slub, slubbed, neppy yarn ... made by conventional spinning, sirospun, corespun, sirofil or our new exclusive FilCover system .



Dormitorio blanco

Adapted to each final application

We have a wide catalog of mixed yarns , intended for Home Textile applications: Hospitality, Clothing, Transport, and other specific and technical fabrics.

We also have an extensive range of fire retardant yarns, made in collaboration with Trevira, exclusively for Spain (Contract).




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