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Definition and characteristics:


It is a totally innovative,new and exclusive spinning system, made up of a staple fiber yarn (core yarn), and a continuous yarn around it, forming a spiral as a covering yarn.


Exclusive production process.


This new system, called by us as FilCover, unlike the classic Sirofil system; the continuous yarn provides twice the coverage of the staple fiber yarn and as a result we obtain levels of protection against abrasion and peeling (Martindale) above double.


The possibility of using natural fibers, together with its durability and resistance, makes FilCover a very respectful yarn with sustainability and the environment.


FilCover has multiple end applications, where the importance is its durability, resistance ... where the fabric must withstand great stresses, frictions, exposure to direct sunlight, etc ... openwork fabric / knitted fabric upholstery, automotive, tablecloths, clothing (fashion and sports shoe accessories) ...


Our technical department ( R&D ) is always studying new techniques to innovate and improve the yarn manufacturing process; research with different materials to get new fabrics according to market needs that are respectful with the environment.

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